3D Imaging & Dental X-Rays From Your Dentist in Wall, NJ

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  • Offers an in-depth look at the condition of your mouth tissues, bones & teeth
  • Allows for teeth position and orientation to be determined
  • Helps identify decay, gum disease, and bone loss issues early on
  • Assists your dentist in customizing treatment plans for your smile
  • Integral to dental implant procedures.

While our dentist at Oliverie Dental in Wall, NJ is highly trained to identify developing oral health issues on teeth and gums, diagnostic dental technologies like digital X-rays and 3D imaging allow her to visualize issues not seen during an oral exam. These technologies also offer a comprehensive look at a patient’s oral health state, and enable our team to customize treatment plans that optimize it now and in the future.

What are the benefits of digital X-rays?

Offering a highly detailed look at a patient’s mouth with minimal radiation exposure – current technology offers as much as 90 % less exposure than traditional versions – digital X-rays allow dentists to gain an in-depth look at a patient’s teeth and jaws via highly detailed images. We use these images to assess and diagnose any problems quickly and efficiently, and to discuss any areas of concern with our patients before developing a treatment plan to address them.

What is 3D imaging?

Giving dentists a 3D image of the mouth and skull, this technology is most often used for diagnostic and treatment planning purposes. It’s highly effective when preparing for dental implants, diagnosing cavities, root canal issues, and dental trauma, and has many advantages over traditional X-rays, including limited radiation that’s only directed to the area of interest. Scan time is also shorter with this technology, image accuracy is highly accurate, and 3D scans are non-intrusive, meaning there’s no need to bite down on a mold.

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