Dental Implants & Tooth Restorations From Your Dentist in Wall

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  • Replace missing teeth
  • Improve your smile confidence and speech clarity
  • Prevent jawbone loss
  • Eat your favorite foods without pain
  • Protect remaining teeth from overuse and potential damage.

For a variety of reasons – tooth decay, periodontal disease, genetic conditions, injury, and more – millions of Americans experience tooth loss each year. And while dentures and bridges were once the only restorative options available, at Oliverie Dental in Wall, NJ, we know that patients now have multiple choices when it comes to replacing one or more teeth.

What can you expect from a visit to our office if you’re in need of partial or full dentures?

  • You’ll have measurements and a mold taken of the area(s) of your mouth requiring dentures.
  • Once your dentures have been made and we’ve ensured that they fit securely and are aesthetically pleasing, we’ll walk you through detailed care and cleaning instructions.
  • You can expect to visit our office on a bi-annual or annual basis once dentures are in place, depending on your unique oral health needs.

Our goal is to ensure that you not only feel confident while wearing full or partial dentures, but to also improve your quality of life. Studies show that people with missing teeth who utilized full or partial dentures reported increased feelings of happiness, as well improvements to their dietary intake, since dentures enabled them to enjoy foods they may have previously avoided.

Curious about whether dentures are right for you? Call us today. We’ll be happy to discuss your unique oral health needs.