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  • An ultrasonic scaler and irrigation system that reduces the need for hand instruments
  • Delivers fluoride and an antibiotic rinse gently and effectively
  • Helps prevent, treat, and control periodontal disease
  • Is ideal for all adults – not just periodontal patients
  • Reduces the need for anesthesia in many patients.

Some patients who undergo regular periodontic cleanings may find that teeth and gums sensitivity can sometimes present a challenge during their recare appointments. At Oliverie Dental in Wall, NJ, we’re proud to offer ProSelect Periodontal Therapy System, which has been proven to minimize sensitivity and discomfort while also speeding up periodontic cleaning treatment time.

How does the system work and who is it for?

By making the processes of teeth cleaning and tartar removal incredibly gentle, thanks to its ultrasonic scaling and irrigation system, the system can be used on all patients – not just those in need of periodontal cleanings. And because it’s so gentle and delivers desensitizing agents while in use, the ProSelect Periodontal Therapy System also reduces and often removes the need for anesthesia that some patients have used in the past.

Is it as effective as traditional periodontic cleanings?

Its effectiveness in preventing, treating, and controlling periodontal disease with ultrasonics and ultrasonics with medicaments (antibiotic rinse & fluoride) make it a standout alternative to traditional cleaning methods.

Curious about whether this advanced system is right for your oral health needs? Call us today for a consultation and we’ll happily answer any questions you may have.

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