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Dental Services In Wall, NJ

At Oliverie Dental in Wall, NJ, we offer a full range of dentistry services that benefit your oral and overall health. From preventive care, including gentle hygiene services and comprehensive exams, to cosmetic dentistry treatments, including implants and teeth whitening, you can have all your family’s dental needs cared for by our friendly and professional team!

Oliverie Dental office sign

Dental Services

Cosmetic Dentistry

Porcelain Veneers
No-Prep Veneers
Dental Bonding
Crown & Bridge
Gum Lift & Sculpting
Aesthetic Tooth Contouring
Teeth Whitening: Take-Home & In-Office
Trial Smile
Snap-On Smile

Surgical Treatments

Root Canal Therapy
Gum Grafting

Technology & Sedation

3D Imaging & 3D Printer
Digital X-Rays
3.0 Facial Scanner
Oral & IV Sedation
DiagnoDent Cavity Laser
CariFree Testing Meter
ProSelect Periodontal Therapy System
Medit Intraoral Scanner
Statim 5000 Sterilization System
VALO Grand
The Root ZX Apex Locator