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what is teeth in a day?

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Walk into Oliverie Dental with your old or missing teeth and leave the very same day with a brand new smile! This is what we call, Teeth in a Day.

The life-changing Teeth in One Day procedure allows for what is called immediate loading. This means that after the implants are placed, your hybrid can immediately be attached so you’ll never be without teeth.

The teeth you receive the day of your surgery are your “temporaries” or “healing teeth” and they are nearly indistinguishable from your “finals,” which are your permanent teeth. 

The purpose of healing teeth are threefold:

  1. Healing teeth ensure that you aren’t without teeth during the 4 to 6 month healing period.
  2. Do you like the color and shape of your teeth? Is the bite correct, do they fit perfectly? You have ample time to see what works, or to make any changes so that your finals are exactly what you want. Consider your temporaries a “test drive” for your final teeth.
  3. Last, your healing teeth protect your implants. During the healing period a soft food diet is necessary to maintain to put as little stress on your fresh, new implants. A temporary hybrid is designed to break if you try eating foods that are too chewy, crunchy, or hard. This is intentional to prevent damage to your healing implants.  Your final hybrid is strong and won’t break even when you’re eating your favorite crunchy foods.

Teeth in One Day is the complete, full-mouth solution for missing teeth

Teeth in a Day dental implants – also known as All-on-X or All-on-4 – are unequivocally today’s preferred way to replace teeth. This full-mouth tooth replacement is a specialized dental implant procedure where with as few as four implants, Dr. Oliverie can replace an entire arch of teeth, eliminating the need for a mouth full of dental implants. 

A Teeth in a Day dental implant procedure is less invasive so the surgery itself is shorter than implant procedures of the past.

In just one day you can change your life. That’s right, as the name says, Teeth in a Day is done in one day – you walk in with your old smile and leave the same day with a perfect new smile – this is called Teeth in a Day or Teeth in One Day.

upper lower all on 4 illustration

How does Teeth in a Day work?

This revolutionary procedure is designed to do with just four dental implants what used to take 6, 7, 8 or more. The key is placement of the implants at strategic angles.

In the past when one implant was used to replace one tooth, they went into the jawbone straight. By angling the implants, more available bone can be utilized for a stronger, more sturdy foundation for your new teeth. 

How long does it take to heal after a Teeth in One Day procedure?

The healing time for all dental implant procedures is approximately the same – about 4 to 6 months.

In that 4 to 6 months, osseointegration is taking place. Osseointegration is when your bone and the implant fuse together, essentially making the implant a part of your body. This can be accomplished because the implant is made from biocompatible titanium – meaning it works with your body.

Think of this healing time as a “test drive” for your new teeth. The day of your All-on-X procedure, you will walk in with your old or missing teeth and leave the very same day with a perfect, brand new smile. This set of teeth are your “healing teeth”. They are nearly indistinguishable from what your “finals” will look like.

During the 4 to 6 month healing period, you will have ample time to decide if you like the color of your teeth, the shape, the fit, bite, etc. We can make all the adjustments that may be needed so that your permanent teeth are exactly what you want them to be.

Know your dental implant terminology - FAQs

There is a LOT of information on dental implants online. If you’re not “in the business”, the terms and jargon can easily become confusing. Part of our Commitment includes educating our patients so that together we can make correct and informed decisions regarding your dental health care.

Below are frequently asked questions and definitions surrounding dental implants and All-on-X.

names for dental implants

There are several different names for the “teeth and gums” of dental implants.

  • Hybrid
  • Dental prosthetic
  • Restoration
  • Snap-on
  • Full-mouth dental implants
  • Denture
  • Overdenture
  • Implant-supported denture
  • Full-arch dental implants
  • Implants
  • Full-mouth dental implants
  • Full-arch dental implants
  • Implant-retained denture
  • Teeth

names for the dental implant procedure

names for dental implant brands

  • Neodent/NeoArch
  • Nobel

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dentures vs. Teeth in One Day dental implants

We all know what dentures are. They’ve been the traditional method for replacing teeth for years and they’ve done a pretty good job. Something was bound to come around that would be even better and it has – Teeth in One Day/All-on-X dental implants – no other tooth replacement option looks or functions more like natural teeth. 

An upper denture

Traditional dentures

  • Dentures are bulky.
    • Traditional dentures cover the roof of your mouth, where many of our taste buds are, interfering with your ability to fully taste foods.

  • They tend to slip out of place.
    • Dentures are only held in place by your mouth’s natural suction, so often messy adhesives are necessary to keep them in place.

  • Partially restore chewing ability.

  • Dentures sit on top of your gums.
    • This can lead to rubbing and irritation. Worse, it can increase the speed at which your jawbone erodes.

  • Dentures do nothing to promote healthy bone growth.
    • Only a tooth root or something inserted into the jawbone can keep your jawbone ample and healthy.
full arch upper lower dental implant hybrid

All-on-X dental implants

  • All-on-X hybrids are small and lightweight.
    • Dentures cover the roof of your mouth, a dental implant hybrid is just the “teeth” and “gums”.
  • Dental implants are permanent.
    • Implants stay in your mouth for life. They essentially become new teeth and you clean them exactly the same way. No hassle with taking them in and out.
  • 95% chewing ability restored. 
    • Enjoy all your favorite foods again!
  • Dental implants are implanted into your jawbone.
    • Implants become a part of your body and fit in. your mouth as comfortably as natural teeth.
  • Dentures do nothing to promote healthy bone growth.
    • The implant replaces your tooth root so that your body continues sending signals to keep growing bone there. This keeps your facial structure in tack and more youthful looking.

am i a candidate for dental implants?

The foundation for your new teeth depends on the bone into which they’re implanted in to. Without enough healthy bone, there is nothing for the implant to fuse with. Certain conditions can cause a person’s bone to wear away: smoking, diabetes, or time without teeth are a few. 

Even if you’ve been told you don’t have the necessary bone for dental implants – don’t worry! All-on-X gives patients with less bone a second chance to still be candidates for dental implants. All-on-X implants use specific angles in order to utilize more available bone. 

And unlike any other tooth replacement option, dental implants can improve your bone health. Implants replace missing tooth roots which are needed to send signals to your body to keep growing bone in your jaw. Dental implants can help retain your facial structure, even retaining a more youthful appearance.

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Comparison of healthy vs weak jaw bone

Side by side comparison of a healthy jaw bone vs an eroded jaw bone.

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